If You Are Vegetarian, You Might Love Mi Luna

          My husband decided he wanted to take me out for a date last night. I chose Mi Luna which is a Spanish Restaurant located in Rice Village. I should also tell you that it is a Tapas restaurant. Tapas are smaller portions of food. In reality, Tapas portions are really the kind of portions that we should be eating but here in America, with everything being supersized, tapas looks like a mouthful. At Mi Luna they have cold and hot tapas to choose from and they also offer a variety of paella dishes.

          I really love Spanish food. It is the new phase I am going through probably brought on by the fact that our next big overseas adventure is going to be Spain. I ordered a glass of the house wine. It was a Spanish wine, nice, not much to shout about and I cannot remember the name. But it was wine, so I enjoyed it being the wino that I am. We started off with the sautéed mushrooms in shallots, parsley, lemon and sherry and the marinated smelts in olive oil and lemon.

          Then mushrooms were surprising. I love mushrooms but a lot of places seem afraid to really smother their ‘shrooms with love. Not Mi Luna. You taste butter and garlic and the sweet, yet tangy undertaste of the sherry. It is good thing that they serve bread because you cannot help but soak up the delicious sherry butter garlic sauce with it when you are done devouring the mushrooms.

          Next we tackled the smelts marinated in olive oil and lemon. You have the option of ordering this dish hot or cold. I thought that I would prefer them hot but my husband wanted to try them cold. I am so glad he did. They are cold, clean, and delicious. They are also garlicy and lemony and the little fish themselves are creamy in texture. These fish are not thick but they are hardy, not flakey like tilapia. To like this dish you must really like seafood. If you love sardines, you will probably enjoy this dish even more.

          I ordered the potatas bravas. My husband is not really fond of potatoes but as fair weather vegetarian, I wanted to try some of the non-meat dishes on their menu. This dish was spicy, the potatoes were cooked nicely, not overdone and had a delicious crispness to them. The red sauce was pasty, but in a good way and had a nice heat to it.

          Then we had our “entrees”. Once again, these are tapas but we each wanted to enjoy our own dish. I zoned in on the grilled quail with figs in a chocolate chipotle sauce. It appeared to be the weirdest thing on the menu so of course I had to order it. It was good. I won’t order it again because it did not blow me away, if you like mole, you must try this dish. The chocolate sauce tastes sweet but when dipped with the quail it becomes rich and robust and the figs add a sweet taste to compliment the savory.

          My husband ordered a pork chop over rice with grilled asparagus. he enjoyed it but would not order it again. Maybe it was a bit pedestrian? It tasted like a really nice barbecue which, while most people can appreciate a good barbecue, it may not be what one is looking for in a tapas restaurant.

          All in all, a wonderful place to eat and fast becoming one of my favorite restaurants. I highly recommend it for the vegetarian-minded individuals out there. I was more pleased with my vegetarian selections than my meat selections.

          Other dishes that I have previously enjoyed there that should not go without mention:

  1. The zucchini and wild mushrooms drizzled in olive oil and gorgonzola. If you love blue cheese you will love this dish.
  2. The goat cheese “queso” with tomato and basil sauce served with garlic toast. It is very creamy and rich and the basil adds a nice touch.
  3. The Chicken Bastilla. This is pastry filled with chicken and cinnamon and toasted walnuts (or pecans?). It is another dish that I wanted to try because it sounded so strange. And it is. Strange and delicious.

I am looking forward to trying the paella!


About Foxy Foodie

Welcome! I live in Houston, Texas with my husband, our Jack Russell Terrier Atticus, our cat Maxwell "Max" Silverpaws, three hermit crabs and three fish. I started this blog because I love food, I love being healthy, and I love combining the two. I also think it's important to let loose and enjoy yourself from time to time without beating yourself up. Along with this blog I am a writer, actress, and director here in Houston. I also teach at a local community college in the fall and spring and work as a bartender during the summer. The things that make me the happiest are dark chocolate, delicious raw vegan recipes, fresh baked bread that I made myself, ethnic food, a good rainstorm, the moon, the ocean, a good bottle of wine, strong black coffee, local produce, raw honey, farmer's markets, spicy wings with blue cheese dressing, stinky cheese, oysters and mussels, bubble baths, dancing, shoes, lingerie, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, my friends, my pets, and most of all my wonderful husband who makes the world a brighter place to live in.
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